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The Best Cannabis Podcasts to Listen to Right Now [2021]

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Feel like diving into the latest and greatest podcasts in the cannabis industry? The shows on this list will help elevate your cannabis IQ as high as it can grow! 

Topics range from general news, to current events, legality updates, business trends, growing tips, health and wellness, and everything in between.

Let’s get started.

If you’re looking to learn all about the ins and outs of growing cannabis, this show is for you. As you’d expect, growing cannabis is a complex process that requires loads of knowledge and close attention to detail.

Co-hosts Scotty Real and The Dude do deep into the whole process and give all kinds of helpful advice and grow hacks to get the most out of your harvest - whether you’re a homegrower just starting out or a veteran of the trade.

While the show’s main focus is on growing, they also step outside the box and cover the latest in cannabis news, culture, and current events. They also make sure to interact with their audience and answer all sorts of listener/viewer questions.

Recommended Episode

Episode 903: The Money Behind the Fight for Legal Cannabis and the Future of the Home Grow 

This episode covers a lot of ground, from the advantages and disadvantages of vapes in society, the fight to make anti-cannabis lobbyists disclose their funding sources, and the rise of home growing cannabis in legalized states.

Hosted by a pioneer of cannabis culture since the early 90’s, this weekly show combines accounts from Dunn’s 25 years in the cannabis industry with great conversations between his special guests.

Dunn founded HempWorks, T.H. Seeds, and Hemp HoodLamb clothing in Amsterdam before moving to Colorado in 2010. Each 3-hour episode takes a deep dive into a wide range of topics - both mainstream and underground. Expect interesting, funny, and informative takes that never get boring.

Recommended Episode

S1E43: All About Living Organic Soil Part 1 - Some of the most legendary organic growers in the industry join to discuss different types of organic living soil cannabis growing, along with inside information on how to develop and maintain a world class organic soil mix.

High Friends is a bi-weekly podcast centered on women making names for themselves in the cannabis industry. Female hosts Rachel Colic and Gill Polard are industry insiders who have each launched their own brands in the sphere.

Episodes have explored cannabis research, developing cannabis events, retail space design, craft cannabis, and even how to become a cannabis sommelier.

Recommended Episode

Being a Boss Lady in a Man’s World, Breaking the Glass Ceiling

In this Colorado-based show, host Matthew Kind takes listeners deep into the entrepreneurial aspects of the cannabis industry. Each episode focuses on industry leaders who give their perspectives on the industry’s current state and where it’s headed in a way that’s accessible to business owners and casual listeners alike.

Topics range from nationwide legalization to growing employment opportunities, investment, and the best ways to facilitate cannabis tourism. 

Guests include dispensary owners and employees, cannabis chemists, product manufacturers, seed companies, and entrepreneurs and investors. Through their discussions, they help get to the heart of how to jump through all of the hoops and challenges to thrive in this ever-expanding and competitive industry.

Recommended Episode

Episode 247: The Best Opportunities for Cannabis Investors and Entrepreneurs in 2019 - This episode has plenty of cannabis investment tips. If you’re looking to get started but you don’t know how, guest Cody Shirk (founder of Explorer Equity Group) helps pave the way.

Also, sure to check out their free report - The Five Trends That Will Disrupt the Cannabis Industry.

While hosts Joe Dolce and Matthew Hendershot largely focus on the ties between cannabis and health/wellness, they also explore wider aspects of cannabis science, culture, and business with a range of guests.

Topics include how marijuana and CBD could help cope with arthritis, boost the immune system, beat opioid addiction, and facilitate spiritual exploration.

Recommended Episode

Episode 63: The Future of Cannabis is Thrilling, Scary and Nothing Like You Could Have Imagined 5 Years Ago - This episode features guest Narbe´ Alexandrian, CEO of the venture capital fund Canopy Rivers. He explains how rapidly the merging of cannabis, data and technology are revolutionizing what is increasingly looking like a brave new world of cannabis (with unforeseeable consequences)!

WeedWeek is an intellectual podcast where hosts Alex Halperin and Donnell Alexander tackle the latest cannabis trends and development through a journalistic lens in easily digestible 30-minute episodes.

Executives, advocates, lawyers, journalists and other influential figures join the show to discuss the latest developments in cannabis politics, business, health and science, criminal justice and culture.

Recommended Episode

Episode 51 - This episode features special guest Steve DeAngelo. Known as “The Godfather of Legal Weed,” Steve talks about his long journey from cannabis activist to a major entrepreneur, and the critical role he played in merging big business and cannabis.

Cannabis Cultivation and Science tackles the scientific aspects of growing and cultivating cannabis. Host Tad Hussey brings in respected horticulture and gardening pros to discuss technological advancements and ways to improve cannabis harvests.

We highly recommend this for anyone looking to boost their output, from novices to growing experts.

Recommended Episode

Episode 17 - Agronomist Kris Borgman dives deep into the realm of soil testing, from its pros and cons to best practices for optimizing fertility.

Geared for listeners looking to break into the cannabis industry, The Ganjapreneur features leading industry experts, stakeholders, cannabiz owners, growers, and more. 

Topics include investment and marketing strategies, and the business end of retail cannabis.

Recommended Episode

Chris Hadgedorn: Cultivation Supplies for the Cannabis Industry - Guest Chris Hagedorn is the General Manager for Hawthorne Gardening Company - a state cultivation supplier. He joins host TG Branfalt to discuss general cannabis entrepreneurialism and the latest federal cannabis policy developments.

Another podcast designed for those looking to break into the business side of marijuana, each 30-minute episode of Cannabis Economy chronicles real conversations with real people in the cannabis industry.

From state senators who support cannabis legalization to cannabis business owners and policy experts, Cannabis Economy is full of high-quality, illuminating interviews.

Recommended Episode

Episode 522 - Nancy Whiteman, of Wana Brands, discusses operating in multiple state markets that behave differently, such as California and Illinois.

Blunt Business is all about the business side of cannabis and its wide variety of obstacles and opportunities. Each weekly episode focuses on a specific niche with great insights from special guests.

Topics include biotechnology and cannabis, industry outlooks, tips for entrepreneurs, greenhouse cultivation, and the latest cannabis technologies.

Recommended Episode

Supporting The Compliance, Transparency, And Growth Of Cannabis Businesses - This episode is all about the National Association of Cannabis Businesses - the first self-regulatory organization for the US cannabis industry.

Covering the medical marijuana industry, Weedsday Wednesday investigates the latest legalization initiatives, interviews with industry experts, strain reviews, and product breakdowns.

Overall, it’s super insightful for anyone who uses cannabis for its medicinal and/or therapeutic benefits.

Vote Pro Pot-Cast seeks to set the record straight about the nature of cannabis, the people who use cannabis, and cannabis laws. 

With the emphasis on court battles, each episode closely examines specific topics regarding legalization, such as bills being passed and proposed in different states, expert opinions on the future of legalization, and even information about how to safely navigate the world of newly-legalized cannabis products.

Recommended Episode

Episode 96: Conversation WIth Veteran Cannabis Reform Advocate Steve Fox - Steve Fox of VS Strategies - a cannabis advocacy and public policy consulting firm, joins the show to chat about a range of topics, from the Cannabis Trade Federation and his role as Strategic Advisor, to historic work as lead author of Colorado’s Amendment 64 ballot measure, and Congressional action on the Safe Banking Act and STATES Act.

Periodic Effects offers insider knowledge on cannabis operators and the latest in the cannabis science research field.

If you’re working in the cannabis industry, a “budtender” looking to expand your horizons, or a consumer wondering how cannabis can help you, this is the podcast for you!

Hosted by Wayne Schwind - CEO and founder of Periodic Edibles - episodes take deep looks at various topics, such as the benefits and dangers of synthetic cannabis, vape bans, and future perspectives of the industry in general.

Recommended Episode


Episode 141: Tell All - Big Money in Cannabis - Guest Jesse Peters, Founder & CEO of Mantis Growth Investments, discusses the moves that major companies have made into the cannabis industry. He breaks down the differences between those that are hurting the sector and others who don't place profit over everything else.

Marijuana Today is a weekly podcast that covers cannabis business, news, and politics. Each episode features some of the industry’s biggest and brightest business owners and activists.

Recommended Episode

Episode 285: The Patenting of Cannabis - Jonatahan Marcu, Jimi Devine, and first time guest David Bienenstock join host Dan Goldman to discuss the patenting of marijuana genes and strains by Big Agriculture and how it could impact the legal cannabis industry down the road.

More than just a podcast, Conquering Cannabis is a fast-growing community of cannabis entrepreneurs from all corners of the industry.

Each episode gives guests the opportunity to speak about how they came into the business, explain their role, and share unique advice and insights that listeners can apply to their own companies. It all makes for a great listen that's informative, professional, and fun - especially when each guest tells their own personal "crazy cannabis story."

Conquering Cannabis' mission is to help others build their brands, share ideas, and navigate this exciting, fast-moving field. With more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, host Jonathan Hartwell teaches others how to protect (or "shelter") their earnings without compromising growth.

Recommended Episode

Mastering the Cannabis Supply Chain - Guest Charles Cipriani, CEO and Founder of Fathom Hemp Processing, shares how he started out in the Cannabis industry before walking the listener through every step of the Cannabis supply chain (from harvest to extraction and manufacturing all the way to wholesale and retail transactions). He caps it off with a wild story from early in his career about a $10 million Cannabis deal with an unexpected twist at the last moment!

Interested in joining the Conquering Cannabis community or being featured on the podcast? Click here to get in touch!

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