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We are the fastest growing community of Cannabis Entrepreneurs & Professionals. Conquering Cannabis democratizes the latest and best strategies to launch, grow or protect your Cannabis Empire.

Our community benefits in three primary ways...

  1. Learn what works (We Interview the Leaders pushing Cannabis forward)

  2. Avoid what doesn't work (Don't repeat other people's mistakes)

  3. Connect with Cannabis professionals in this "budding" space

If you are a business owner or professional serving this industry, we want to share your story.

Together we are Conquering the Cannabis Industry

The Mission

Our Mission is to help you fulfill your mission...


Stake your claim and ride the multi-billion Cannabis Mega-Trend.


Accelerate the growth of your empire. The Cannabis space is evolving and creating new opportunities.



Learn how Cannabis Entrepreneurs are "sheltering" their hard-earned fortunes (without sacrificing growth).

Our Mission

About Jonathan Hartwell

Jonathan Hartwell has over 25 years of experience operating in the insurance industry. 

He has come to specialize in loss sensitive insurance plans, hard to place insurance and developing customized captive insurance companies for business owners to protect their business from risks without sacrificing profits on bloated insurance premiums. 

First and foremost, he helps companies identify risks. Some risks can manage, others insured and for many the risks should be self insured. Jonathan’s unique experiences helps business owners identify and classify such risk so each business is sheltered from risk while maximizing growth and tax advantages.

In 2012, Jonathan founded JCH & Associates Insurance Agency to bring his significant experience in risk management to business owners. In the last 3 years, they have specialized in serving the Hemp & Cannabis clients by solving the insurance needs and providing investment opportunities for this burgeoning industry.

Conquering Cannabis was created for this industry as primarily an informational tool to launch business people in this unique industry, review insurance needs and create a tailored insurance plan and investment opportunity.

I am always eager to connect with other Cannabis professionals. I read every inquiry and typically responded within 24 hours. Contact Jonathan.


If you are interested in being interviewed on the podcast: Apply Here.

Get Discovered By The Conquering Cannabis Community

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